Monday, August 3, 2015

the nation has lost its moral compass.

God grants life and y'all kill it and sell it for parts, lots of little parts.

   Planned Parenthood has donated large sums of money (from a nonprofit business) to the Democratic Party. They didn't donate a dime to Republicans. Now it is clear to me, that Planned Parenthood is EVIL and works for the Satanic worshippers. Or, they aren't evil they are really doing to the unfortunate women that can't help themselves by virtue (which seems to be a myth just like honor - current culture saying that real people don't have to have virtue nor honor) a fine service. 

  Then they list a bunch of medical checkup stuff, that many women got from clinics and hospitals and doctors - pretending that is what they do - some of those items they will refer you to a clinic or doctor or hospital where you can get that particular service. They will also give you counsel and answer your questions - kind of, cause they won't swear to the truth, just a reasonable facsimile.  In the darkness, in their depravity, they will provide abortions to women that consent, especially women that wait long enough that the baby parts are harvestable. Not that anyone wants baby parts - we don't need no baby parts, we got deaths everywhere.

   There are some visuals circulating with rich white women sipping wine and talking about techniques to save the good stuff and shred the rest. For free not for a fee, but being careful could be assisted by proper compensation, a donation for the nonprofit organization so they can continue their good work and support the Democratic Party and the Butcheredbaby Bunch.  That is what is really going on under the name 'Planned Parenthood'.  Killing the unborn for the devil, and making the whole world their fertile fields.

   I was more concerned with the coming collapse of the empty coffers of the kingdom, with the lack of care for The Constitution and the letter and intent of the law - but the real end of America was pointed out by Senator Reid, no moral values. It is the true danger, no God, and you can't save yourself.  End of America, and of everyone else, when the point of worship becomes yourself, your fears and folly, it is all over. Satan wins.

   Oh, for those that are willing, there is a way to save your soul (you have to know you have one, I pray) and to align with the LORD. But it isn't cool, hip, and never will be easy - cause you start becoming old fashioned and out of step with the beat of the drums...


  1. Thank you, Earl, for your ongoing defense of what used to be considered simple decency. I am staggered by some of the arguments I have read to excuse these atrocities. Talk about a Holocaust of the unborn! Just when you think there is nothing left that could shock you....

  2. Behind closed doors or in front of closed minds, evil dances upon the innocent and the blood splatters us far away. One day we will meet our Maker and our messes, we should fear both.

  3. Talk about dancing in the blood of the innocent... sigh... The further we turn from God, the easier that becomes...