Thursday, August 20, 2015

Okay the ladies are now qualified Rangers, but not being assigned to the Ranger regiment or battalions?

A lot of people are making noise about the two females who completed Army Ranger school. Can anyone tell me if they both met all the physical standards their male counterparts were expected to meet? I don't know, that's why I'm asking. Thanks.
If both met the same standards before women were allowed in the program, then good on them and congrats. If the standards were changed and they were "accommodated", then I personally think their completions of the program are nothing more than the equivalent of a PC participation trophy. That is all.
       Reply: William Earl Dungey Don't be so hard on them, they are only girls. Why the command believes that they had to graduate to prove something might be as troubling as why any women would believe they have to get a Ranger course to prove they are as tough as men. I don't have a tab, I just have the Ranger Handbook and I can read so I am as or more qualified to be a tough man as they are.   And my brother thinks one tough woman should kick my butt to show me they are better than I am, well, I am just a fat old man. But I would remain too dangerous for a few more years, even as slow and mellow as I am now.

   It is an Army school, where graduating is the norm and not impossible, they should be wearing the Ranger Tab proudly. And should know that won't do them any good in a bar fight, in the real jungle and all our enemies will treat them like they treat all American women.  They will be treated wonderfully by the press, by other women - maybe, by most people that know nothing about combat infantry and small units against stiff odds.  They will also be competing against the male officers for promotions - equally - NOT. Now they have the tab they will stay special, the first. Poor men, that have been graduating the course since 1950 will be second. And as tough and capable as they are, I am not following them. Sure if I were in the military I would have to obey their lawful orders, and disappear as fast as only I know how.  If they are great officers, and work hard and have real leadership, I really might work well with them... but they never had to have a tab for that to happen. You see, I know most officers aren't great, many are just good, and then there are the really stupid ones and the bad ones and the ones no one wants to be around.  Luckily for the American army, that is only a small percentage, very small.

   But the other truth they know and you should know, too. That PFC Smith did everything those two West Point officers did, everything. Also that in combat operations, infantry sergeants are supposed to be able to do all that the ranger course teaches. And if the sergeant dies, some one of his patrol, squad or platoon steps up and accomplishes the mission. This isn't rocket science.

   Two characters from Space Opera combat fiction - Honor Harrington and Adele Mundy - both women, both of noble houses, honorable, and both great fighters and leaders.  I like reading about each, mainly because the male authors treat them as female men... I know nothing about women, like them but women have other values and experiences than I.  Adele Mundy, is a librarian, spy and cold blooded killer - and she I understand best, really. Honor Harrington is the Horatio Hornblower of the Napoleonic Wars moved into David Weber's space future. Adele Mundy is much closer to my values and perceptions than Honor Harrington. I do read the same type of fiction and fantasy from female writers, enjoy them, but never find any understanding of combat, and way too much sex and romance for me to enjoy. And killing is just not the way it got written there.

  Remember, that the first two female officers to graduate from the Ranger Course and get their tabs, they were there, they met the standards and so did PFC Smith.  But it was cheaper to send him to the training than it was the ladies. I have to wish all the graduates of the Ranger Course with their new tabs well, hope they have a very fine future in the US Army.  So glad that I never went to school and earned the tab, would mean that I would have to think it was like a ribbon everyone gets for showing up, and that women could actually now be as good in combat operations as I, which I don't accept. But then I think women are very valuable for civilization, and war has never been civilized nor the best of civilization. Only godless communists and stupids from the PC crowd would waste women, so needlessly. I often am with the Chinese, you don't waste good steel on nails for horseshoes.... iron will do.


  1. AFAIK, they met the actual standards. No 'waivers' were given. I believe the pilot will go back to her flying duties, I have no idea on the MP, nor where she will end up. A number of folks with Ranger tabs don't serve with Ranger battalions, so I don't see that it's a big thing, but then I'm not intimately familiar with the Army.

    1. The Ranger course is designed to teach and evaluate small unit combat operations, it is excellent for doing exactly that in all Army units. They have done well, and it will be valuable experience for them, and I do hope they continue to be fine officers. I have a personal sour grapes in that the two times I applied for the Ranger course my paperwork didn't make it to the selection folks, once in 1967 and again in 1984. But all training is great training.