Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Have you ever been a young man, with hormon control problems?

   I have been a young man, love to think I was one for many more years than I really was... I was at a church picnic and another man touched my wife and I could have killed him, didn't but his eyes hit the BugEyed size that means 'deep fear and what is making you ugly'. I was almost ashamed of myself, but I wasn't apologizing - my world says if I touch a woman I had best be on my very best behavior. So, I have current culture problems with casual sex with 'friends' or cause some one 'needs' it... and a host of other things I am not able to discuss because I am a healthy repressed male - I don't fight nor fling as much as I ought to - just not PC nor current cultured enough.

  If I were to make the world a better place, all the males would learn to fight to the death and stop upon command. Really, our life needs warriors - not murderers - warriors. There are bad and evil people out there that will do terrible things for ungodly reasons. So we need warriors.

   Women can fight, and can kill, and it doesn't make me think that I want women to be fighting for me, nor that I can follow the orders of a woman that has rank or position over me in combat. Remember, I have been a young man, I have little trouble leading men into battle knowing some will die, all must kill well and expecting all the men to carry their own weight, and to step up and take over when I can't. But no women can do that, not for this young man, with this young man nor for this young man.

   So in the days when everyone has to fight to save the Soviet Union, the NVA, the Communist Parties of anywhere - women have had to put on uniforms pick up guns, fly planes or whatever and fight. Remember I said they can fight - but they don't fight nor lead men in combat well. Men attacked by women (all cultures) have no respect for women warriors, they treat them like meat and do whatever they want with them. Likely rape is first, cannibalism is next and last is feed them to the dogs.

    Seems that the Department of Defense is under the same stupidity that the socialists and current culturist where gender doesn't matter and everything must be fair and equal.  So we got our first two graduates of the Ranger course and they met every standard and will now lead other young men into combat in one of the three Ranger regiments.... NOT! But stupidity doesn't ever stop anywhere and it can strike for all kinds of reasons. You won't win any wars by increasing the number of women in uniform for combat. You won't. We won't, they won't but for sure there are two men somewhere that didn't go to Ranger course because we had two women that had to graduate so they could prove wearing a Ranger Tab means nothing.  There are a lot of soldiers that couldn't go to the school, they have to be selected and pass pre-Ranger, then wait their turn and go. Working hard to make sure nothing happens like broken bones or fever or drowning. It has always been a great course of instruction, until the cadets figured out a whole class could strike. Still, it is a great course, and I am sure that the two women learned a lot, I hope they write a book about it, but I bet they aren't really sure that they might not have made it, if they had been a young man.

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  1. Good post Earl, and you're right. "Casual" sex caused a lot of STDs when we were young, today it's AIDS (and not curable with a shot)... The military continues to be a social experiment run by the left to 'demilitarize/equalize' the military, which is totally wrong... We need people who are not PC, who can and will break things and kill people when necessary...