Saturday, August 29, 2015

Seems to be major image problems... fed by media hype.

   There is a fine fellow out there blogging privately on about his views and for sure he had some about the NRA and the sticker many members put on the back of their automobile. Here.
Almost needless to say, Facebook posting of the blog put his blog up for attack from the gun goofs, those of us that would laugh at his fears wouldn't add fuel to his fire. Anyway, it didn't take long for the perception that he was in even more danger to bubble up in his mind and he went private and the post is inaccessible. Nicki at the Liberty Zone wrote a thoughtful rebuttal to his words and fears. Here.

   As I discuss the coming end of the world with my wife, in front of the cable monitor I remind her and myself that what is on the cable will each time shown be another new incident in our constant recording brain of what we saw and participated in. That normal nice people seldom get on the news nor in front of the camera. That entertainment media will sell sex and violence constantly, to bring attention to its sponsors and their products. The more you listen and watch the media the farther out of norm your perceptions will fall. Way, way far from truth.  We all have someone that watches too much muck, and it colors their lives. Unless the muck is from a local swamp, mud hole and is near the pig wallow - then it is real.

   Two terms from the antigun goofs - it will be like the 'wild west' when everyone has a gun, and 'I support the 2nd Amendment but...' both based on false information in their minds. If they tell you they support the 2nd Amendment ask them to repeat the words, and explain them. If they tell you it will be like the 'wild west' (which has been long an accepted media hype of frontier living), how did most humans die in that wild west? Hunger, thirst, accidents, disease and lack of the big three needs (food, water, rest) not violence. I won't tell you that there wasn't violence, but it was never the big killer. But if you are going to write a book based on the travel journal of John Archer, it won't be a best seller, if it was based upon his daily thoughts about crossing the great desert to get to Oregon. It would be in the University library or State archives for scholars to read.

   The NRA is blamed for a lot that it never does, but then even it wants more members living in fear of losing their firearms - and the people that want everyone to lose their firearms are out there, and working hard to deny them. So it is almost true, I would want the antigun goofs to have to carry a firearm to protect each person they denied the right to keep and bear arms.  But then I really don't, I expect one to take care of themselves first, family and community - in that order. And to live as if they have personal contact with their Creator and are in constant communications with same.


  1. "That entertainment media will sell sex and violence constantly, to bring attention to its sponsors and their products. " As a friend who was a long time TV director once told me, if it bleeds, it leads... And that would be good for 3-4 follow-up spots. A good story died in one day...

    1. Exactly, and our mind (remember dry fire practice) cannot really disbelieve what is in front of it, so thousand of dying cowboy, indian and troopers on the silver screen mean that thousands and thousands and thousands of them died in our HISTORY, so Buffalo Bill and his Wild West show made money toured the world and made it all so real, when more people died working in unsafe conditions in the factories of New York and such.

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