Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Death by recliner... how recliners kill more people every year than guns.

  I have long held that I am dying by recliner use. I can ruin my health by just watching a weekend of football games. From the bench or from the bleachers or from the recliner - needless to say, I can see a lot more football in comfort from my recliner on a big screen.  Just have the kid or a well trained dog go get me another cold beer.

  Okay, you might know I don't have a kid at home now, nor a well trained dog, and that I don't drink beer... but sitting too much is terrible for your health.  My mother loved to read, watch game shows, and sit and sometimes write letters and poetry. She did it with more modern methods as the years went by, but she was the woman that walked to her car, put the dog inside and drove to the dog park, and sat and watched the dogs run and play.  My Dad would get the leash and walk the dog to the park and play a bit (throwing a tennis ball) or stand and talk to other dog walkers about whatevers. Then he would walk back. Now Dad went to his reward sooner than my mother, but all the elder women in my family are widows, just a fact.  In her later years it was more and more difficult from my mother to get around, we even got to the point of a recliner that would lift her to her feet so she could progress around with a walker.

  So, since I am not the slim young fellow from long ago and far away, and I don't feel confident enough to jog enough to burn up all the ice cream and sugars stuffed in my face by automatic stimuli response... I have gone back to standing at the computer, and workbench and in the yard.  For sure it is a big step in the correct direction to over come gravity, the gravity that keeps pulling me down... down... down.

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