Friday, September 19, 2014

Violence... such a problem, gun violence, sexual violence, domestic violence, terrorist violence, video recording of violence....

Now I was always told that women were equal to men, but a real man didn't strike a lady. I had too much trouble with my hitting in anger - my poor siblings suffered. I grew out of it.

The NFL is the target now, cause they make lots of money and the hustlers are looking to soak lots of dollars away from them.

But Real men don't strike a lady. It is that simple, you - MEN - are supposed to defend and protect the women around you, the children and the old infirm folks.  Really.  Why isn't anyone saying that? Because we are all equal?

Look, currently if you abuse women and children you must be a fool or a Muslim Terrorist. Or the woman is not a lady? Nah, doesn't matter, she could be a very FALLEN woman and still deserve the respect and protection that every man should provide. We defend all the other handicapped, don't we?

If you can't do it for the Glory of the LORD, nor do it in the name of Jesus - is it really a good thing, whatever you are doing? I am not in favor of doing something for the NFL, in the name of the Goddell? See, it doesn't work the same. You want to see good football games, boxing events, chess matches - but you don't live you life based on them, do you? 

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  1. Respect women... If I did anything else, my mother would come up out of the grave a beat me...