Monday, September 1, 2014

Good morning, September, how is the world today?

Have finished the first five of twenty-one virtual bicycle tour runs for this month, Sunday I normally don't go to the YMCA, but the others I would have, but I am traveling the friendly skies to visit the site of the start of the end. Lexington and Concord. How far they have fallen. It should be interesting. We are actually going to see my son, and have dinner as he finishes the Navy Enlisted Course - I don't know what it actually called (the U. S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy). Which is kind of cool, my father mother and one niece (Sherry), my wife and I got to view his graduation review in Great Lakes when he completed his first training. I was even stunned to hear him sing a solo - the boy that wouldn't sing in church hardly.

   Sherry assembles bombs for the Air Force against our enemies,  in South Dakota. Although she was in Korea, England and Pope Air Force Base. Anyway, they serve well. Difficult to believe they have served so long already, and the places they have been and the missions and training... busy folks in uniform, glad I don't have to try to get all those ribbons and awards in the proper order, or have a chest to pin it all upon. I like my father's few. My son had some questions for the protocol officer or petty officer, I was only important if you knew who I was and I was working, otherwise it is best forgotten. Still, I don't hide anything, I am just not concerned, but they find life better and richer if everyone is a known entity. I will behave myself, I am too old to attempt stupidity and expect not to fall on my face. Just to be a guy, I will wear a very small reproduction of the Master Parachutist Badge. A small one. Mostly I will listen and smile quietly. Just glad to have some time with him in his neighborhood.

   For those still of the mindset that things are better than they have ever been. I have doubts but don't want to trouble y'all about them. My grandfather that lived and grew up in California wouldn't recognize it today. My other grandfather wouldn't recognize much either. Guess I can clean up and prepare to pack up for the trip. Heavens, when I go back to Ligonier, Pennsylvania or Albert Lea, Minnesota I hardly recognize the places or the people - the only reason they don't feel the need to lock me up or subdue me, is I listen and smile quietly - the moment they feel otherwise - it is all over.

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  1. Congrats to the son! And travel safe (and quietly)...