Tuesday, September 23, 2014


 I had some strange thoughts last night, about how to change my Appleseed to make it project a better image. I had forgotten or didn't feel it needed to add the Revolutionary War flag set on sight. But when reviewing the pictures noted I needed a great background to make the Heritage stand out while we rewarded or noted the success of the shooter being honored. Make the setting to tell the story.

Well, the next thing I thought about was the fat old guy with the Marine shooting jacket with all the patches or the desert colored shirt with lots of patches - the guy has to be a GUN NUT or Boy Scout leader or a Military fool.  Luckily I don't wear black, even when motorcycling, I wear brown leathers.

So I am going for the Mister Rogers look, with a soft sweater and loafers and maybe leaving a tie on with a powder blue or rose blush pink long sleeved shirt.  Yeah, I can teach in that outfit. That will be much more a positive - progressive appearance.

Polo shirts I also have, but if I shoot I want long sleeves.  Hmm, will need to find an appropriate color for a shooting jacket with elbow and shooting should reinforcements.  Brown? MI Blue? Sherwood Forest Green! But for sure no patches and not looking like a uniform, just a normal fellow.

One other thing I thought about was a full color Rifleman patch, that would cost money to make, but the embroidery machines on computers would be able to knock them out. So with those adjustments to my appearance I might not chase all my shooters and crew away because I am too military in my bearing, attitude and performance. Like a good neighbor, Earl is there...


  1. Earl, since your presentation IS about the military/militia, why is there a problem???

    1. Just a dig at the Re-branding efforts back at the GHQs, like what we were doing wasn't working and we need to get to the next level. My mother might like me in tweed shooting coat, don't you think?

  2. Earl, you're a good man. And, a pretty smart one too.