Thursday, September 18, 2014

Apathy, is the apathy out there? crickets...

ISIS or ISIL doesn't believe in apathy, they will punish you for not being one with them - they aren't tribal they are just evil to any that aren't on their side or in their control... and they don't know how to tell the difference. Maybe I should just take out the garbage, even calm civilized folks are calling for the death of ISIS or ISIL, not that THEY (the calm civilized folks) would do the killing - they would hire it done.

Yes, I would go, I can teach and shoot, and am versed in all small unit tactics needed. But I am cheap and no one would hire me, they need a $500 million solution to a two bit problem.

You want to change the culture - you don't have a solution, you haven't understood the problem yet.

Look, maintaining Iraq is not going to work without a dictator in charge. Allow Kurdistan, too bad for Turkey, they could have accepted Kurds a long time ago, but they aren't modern enough to make their History into school mascots and funny costumes. Allow the Kurds independence, help them negotiate with Turkey, Iraq and Iran. That takes care of half of Iraq's weakness, everyone wants to be tribal in the modern age, don't allow them to be national... building a nation takes real internal leadership, and they all must pay attention to the population or kill the angry ones off.  How many time do language owners have their own country? How many languages in India?

Case in point, three hundred years since the Union in the British Isles, Northern Ireland isn't Ireland, and Scotland isn't England and Wales started it all... but as the polls closed the people of Scotland were deciding, civilized way by vote, to maybe stay in the Union or separate to a special class of lonely. Some fool American thinks it would be time for America to vote to rejoin the British Empire - Duh, Hong Kong is under Communist not Royal authority now. Very capitalist Communist authority, but it isn't part of the British Empire. Except for Gibraltar, the Falklands, what is left? The Commonwealth isn't an Empire, it is a club.

People love to believe they have the answers, they are in control, and they will get the thing organized and working again. But they don't believe the 'We the People' have the answers, are in control and can make it work without them.  So wrong.  So in many levels in many countries terrorism is needed to keep the people engaged in how wonderful those in charge are... and when we aren't - we are apathetic and the PROBLEM. And I was looking for leadership, but then they would want me to follow.

I will still like the pipes, still think we can all get along (as soon as we dump tribalism) and when I win the Lottery might visit Scotland to see the sights, find me a fine dog, and look confused when someone quotes Burns. 

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