Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We all seem to want the same thing...

   Millions of Moms Against Gun Violence, oops, that isn't their name is it? Anyway, I agree, there shouldn't be any unsafe firearms anywhere in my country. But I don't agree that a Bread/coffee selling company denying service to true Armed Americans (their right, exercising it is their privilege) is a money maker, and certainly won't keep the bad boyz away - can U text Flash Mob - unarmed Yuppies needing taken down at: fill in the bread shoppe nearest you, they ain't carrying.

   I am sure, seeing how many police SWAT raids and shootings are just over stepping FEARS gone wild, that having the government in charge of firearm safety is a poor choice. We all must be in charge of firearm safety. We all live on the same planet, we all have those we love, those we work for and those that must be defended against evil and terrible ugliness.

   Deciding that restricting and prohibiting drugs, alcohol or weapons of any kind will work - is an already defeated reliance on the law, enforcement of the same and the desires of the down trodden. You have to improve the human morals, you have to make right and wrong mean what is wrong isn't just this time but for all time. And the way one loses self worth, or life or respect for life is dangerous... need to fix that. It has never been about the guns, the drugs, the sex, the money, the alcohol -- it has always been about the no value in the life and the potential of good in everyone.

   I will honor the bread maker wanting to be in a gun free zone, I won't darken his doors. I would honor my Concealed Carry Permit - you will never know I am carrying. But for sure, ladies and gentlemen, I will not calm your fears for 'the foolish flee when no one pursues' it is all in your head. And the former Mayor's big bank account. Are there really a million of you? - hard to believe there are so many silly folks sometimes.


  1. Same here, no guns allowed, my money goes elsewhere...

    1. Sure enough at Concord, on Buttrick Hill National Park Headquarters and gift shoppe was the little No guns allowed sticker in the window. How much freer under King George III? What happened?