Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Men's Program Manager.... help wanted from a Women's Studies graduate...

Interesting idea, a job on a University campus for a Men's Program Manager, sounds like a fine job for me, until I read further and find that they want a Women's Studies graduate and someone versed in gender equality, with ideas about homosexual, bisexual and really weird sexual preferences... duh, I thought this was a Men's program.  Okay, it may be the direction of the future. Not mine but theirs.

As I continue to read the Roy F Chandler books on the frontier, I am happy to announce he is absolutely right... and it is good reading. You can get them on Amazon.com for kindle - how many other ways to get them I don't know - for sure my public libraries only have one of his sniper books, and he wrote more than one of them. Always a small time small area writer, and not picked up everywhere.

It, talking about the frontier, has always been between the civilization and their borders and it is always kind of rough and tumble. So Greece with Macedonia, Macedonia with Persia, Rome with Gaul, Spain and the Germans then the Picts and Scots, --- frontiers. Like Judea under the Romans, trying to civilized the sons of Abraham a step at a time. Until finally they just burn the house down. Frontiers, need a special tough but flexible and quick responders.  For sure civilization loves lots of rules, lots of authority, lots of violence against the weak, the to be exploited for their own good, and those that might be a danger. And the RULERS of civilization aren't the fighters, hardly ever the leaders, but always conspiring to improve civilization in their favor. For the good of all, don't you know?

Maybe Progressives get to be bigger, and biggest because the Frontier disappeared. For sure women were voting and serving in the West before the cultured Eastern Seaboard even seriously considered it. Every frontier is a land of opportunity for real leaders and change - reread the book of Judges, and see if not being settled and ruled by other than their God allowed variations of conduct, until they demanded a King. Stupid civilization stuff.

One thing I keep looking at, since there is so much failure of government policy under government control of everything - as we ruin more cities, states and countries in debt, crime and chaos... Detroit come immediately to mind, but there are many others - and no matter what Bill O'Reilly says the Feds can't fix it.... as things fall apart and they do, there is a new undeclared frontier where change is happening, people banding together to fix what has gone so wrong under the doctrine of many enlightened thinkers - Marx and company. Get outside of government control and live large. The bad guys and the government will fight you for your freedom of action. But they are both engaged with each other and might ignore the smaller free folks.

The governments have two ideas - get control of all the weapons and buy off all the self sufficient with cash.
You have much better ideas than that. Hurry up, declare and live your freedom - you aren't getting any younger.


  1. In other words, REAL men need not apply Earl... And re the last, agreed!

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  3. Earl, Rocky is a great writer. I have enjoyed his books since the early 90's. The latest is out, but if you haven't read "Old Dog" yet, read it first.