Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weathering the campaign hat... sweat into it.

  So I take off early to apply my body to moving swiftly nowhere at the YMCA, and I had a total of 17 miles, only 6.2 were on the rowing machine - while the Zumba class cavorted on the basketball court below me... I have always wanted to use 'cavorted' in a sentence... thank you, Zumba class. Talked to the old guys, cause I ares one, one wanted to use my military ID so he could fly to Rome and visit the Vatican. I mentioned that lending someone else our IDs was against the rules, and that I have already seen it. Did he want me to buy him a ticket?

   I showered and came back home still old and fat, but happy that all I had to finish was packing, mowing, dressing and leaving.  I can handle that. So I put on work clothes and the campaign hat, and sweated away the mowing. Since my wife had locked the gates to the front yard, I didn't have to do it, but will have to fix it all when we return. With the mower put away, I brushed the campaign hat off, sun, dust and debris must have an opportunity to age properly.

   Looked for love on the internet, still sadly lacking (one would question if the internet was a real human endeavor) so I await the awakening. As I ate my mostly vegetable and tomato lunch, I saw that someone thinks somebody ought to do something about ISIS - and they keep mumbling and waiting for leadership. I laugh. They also find it will really cost a lot of money to put those children in schools, they came without tax payers attached. I laughed. The media loves only certain candidates for President in 2016, but hasn't admitted that the Democrats and Republicans are having so much trouble getting to November of this year.  Not enough drama, not nearly enough. I laughed. They have missed entirely the event that started somewhere off their director's plot outline... and that will be the problem they aren't prepared for, all too soon. And, I will laugh.

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  1. Nope, not prepared at all... And assuming 'everything will be okay'... Again...