Saturday, September 13, 2014

Intervals, lets do intervals...

I once knew something about physical fitness, training and examples. So the latest news about how much more effective interval training is than just long boring same stuff same pace forever... is, is not news to me.

Honest when I was young and handsome and in my right mind, I knew all the intervals I wanted were there in the way I trained myself and my troops. Which is why as a Command Sergeant Major with a troop count of one (myself) I slid into dull boredom so easily. And boring gets slower and easier in consistent decline with the recline of the cushioned chair.

But, now that I have a constant heart rhythm monitor, and I am getting better everyday, I decide to spice the YMCA workout up. I add swimming! Yeah! only lap swimming is boring, and slow --- but I am doing sets - down and back in the crawl (before I walk?) then flip over and do the back stroke down and back, then flip to the breast stroke (no, not the one I'd rather do - the swimming one). So, I have a way to do the laps, change the muscles and stroke, and keep count, and three sets and one more lap of the crawl is five hundred yards. Yeah, I like that and the feeling it gives me after a normal work out on the rowing machine and the bicycle. So, next week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will finish with swimming, on Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday, I should walk, jog or run (????) as the desert. I am still illogically afraid to run, stretching out... don't know why, but it is silly me I am describing.

Hmm, that ice water with apple cider vinegar is pretty refreshing. When I finish this glass it is back to cutting the grass in the backyard.

So, I have come to the conclusion about the efforts to modify the RWVA and Appleseed to attract more folks - if it doesn't make me ashamed, sick or stupid I will continue to work the Appleseeds and work on marksmanship and heritage one or two shooters at a time. I was not the guy they wanted to attract back to work with them anyway (some days I think I could be the one driving everyone away - but then I remember the smiles - and Heather's happy hug - gosh, she scared me). What I like doing, I am going to continue. We all should.

I found out I have been remiss in finding a writer about the country I knew so well - not that I really know the mountains of Pennsylvania, but I lived there an important bunch of my life starting. Anyway, his name is Roy F. Chandler. I want his Pennsylvania frontier stuff, but he also was big in the shooting/sniping gun world. You can tell how little I pay attention to who writes what. Anyway, Arrowmaker, Pennsylvania Frontier Series Book 1. I have it in my kindle, what is your excuse? Intervals, change up and keep going up hill until you have to start down.

What made America great was that everyone could change their story, their life and build it better... what makes us weaker is that no one believes that enough in the elite political class, the underprivileged, and the media. So many Nay-sayers make a country weak. Just think if King Saul hadn't found a humble but willing servant of the Lord, a teenage shepherd from Jesse's house.  There is a time, there is a season, turn, turn...


  1. Earl, as we age we DO have to climb that hill every day, one step, or jog at a time. Hang in there my friend and keep shooting and improving!

    1. I smiled as I noted one comment, glad we are still climbing NFO. All worth the effort.