Monday, November 12, 2018

End of days...

  I went to my aunt funeral in Minnesota, she had a long and full life, I always thought of her as a wonderful lady, my father's sister. That was last year, December. My wife had to return to Korea, for maintaining her parents's grave mounds and paying respects, and seeing her sisters and brothers and all their children and grand children. Each of the graves took a day and she traveled the Republic to see her family and friends. Her tales of the changes in the last seven years in high rise apartments, cutting all the trees, getting rid of rice paddies. Most of her travel was bus, rail and air, taxis are too small since she was always with others.  When she went to her home village it was like a ghost town, and the farms had gone from rice to black beans - low maintenance high dollar value crop? Times change, excess rice comes from the two crops in Southeast Asia instead of the one crop in Korea. But farming isn't looked upon favorably, working in a factory, starting your own business, being highly educated and in politics, justice, medicine or science.

   As major improvements in tech, and computation show up, my wife's smart phone service stopped at the American border, without some serious changes she wasn't prepared to do. She took pictures but had to use her brother in laws computer to comment on Facebook to me. I laughed. She had various adventures on her trip back to the USA. But I was patient and was there when she came looking for me. She had to get new luggage, the old set had problems with handlers and plastic parts breaking beyond easy repair. But the new stuff got stuffed until little old ladies or their husbands shouldn't pick them up at all. Almost, but wheeling them is nice.

   Church, Sunday school and a revival for us, then I went off to meet a Tennessee Appleseeder that I am a FB friend of.  Met him and his wife, a local family lady, and we talked about career and Appleseed. The new efforts to infringe on rights and how we got into Appleseed and where we are going from here. Good burger and cole slaw, and I drank coffee. We exchanged business cards, ha, ha. Busy Sunday, my neighbor told me that the Seahawks lost, but the game was close and worth watching.
    Monday plans don't include anything except one funeral, for a lady born in Japanese controlled Korea in 1923, married in 1944, widowed by the godless Communists in 1953, raised her daughter alone, daughter married an American, she moved to Hawaii and then Washington to help raise the grandsons. She became a Christian and a Baptist late but was always at church, a senior lady friend to my wife, and my wife knew her grandsons from youth choir trips she had supported for years. One of them gave a beautiful tale of his grandmother's life and meaning in his family, a wonderful tribute. I noticed how young she was in their wedding picture. 

   It was interesting to me, how pain free my foot was, and how well I walked across the cemetery grounds and back to my car. And when I got home, changed, napped and got up to get a cup of fresh coffee and return my tray to the kitchen, I fell catching myself about twelve inches above the rug. Dropping the tray, coffee cup and stuff - had my priorities correct.   

   You had your three day weekend, unless counting or making more ballots to count in Florida. So be of good cheer the Democrats are winning, we won't become Zimbabwe, but Venezuela maybe.

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  1. All we can do is honor our elders, and roll with the changes. Glad you weren't hurt in the fall.