Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Just another waking up at five morning... aren't they all?

  Adventures in the American court system are amusing, painful and not to be repeated. A whole level of government that should be very good by now, but really they tell me 1pm and they don't show up until 1:30, we are being treated like we don't count. And we don't. Allow that to set the tone.

  Interesting, to see a former coworker in town, and touch base later on Facebook. If I were a smartphone addict, I would likely have texted, shot a picture as we passed and later looked to see a response... could just have said 'hello!' with a smile, but it is all being recorded now - by our government, the Chinese or just trolls... who is watching over you? All I could do was smile a bit better and store the memory of the passing in my mind.

  Tennessee Ernie Ford's gospel got me started this morning, lovely to pretend I can match his bass and know all the words to all the songs. I am waiting to things to happen on my electronic game, so I am listening to The Gael, one window for music and the others for blogging, and another on a game, one for email, one for confusing our enemies. Remaining thankful that I don't really have enemies, just millions of people that don't love me because.... pick your reason - mine is fat old white man, and an American to top that mess off. I am chuckling, the false rage and anger about the imagined terrible type of person I must be.... My mother tried to make me be better than that. And good women have been trying ever since, don't give up, ladies. Just putty in your hands... ha, ha.

   I have some serious contacting to do on the internet today, seems the dental program is going and I must replace it... should we pay by the teeth remaining?

  I have a .58 dollar credit on my credit card, why don't they send me a check? Do they think I would lose it? First cup of coffee down, time to make a fresh pot... warming and waking magic. So Gandalf.Rx hit me hard with a spy and supply raiding, but I have 20k of his best this morning. Nicely rounding up my t5 which I can't create without some research. Not to worry, got to go, y'all be good. It will confuse them that are living bad, and badly.

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  1. Yep, close attention is needed to that change over to Benefed. Hit MyPay first, so you know what your current outlay is, before you start comparing programs.