Monday, September 17, 2018

Ah, you can't prove that you didn't do it, can you?????

   Guilty as charged, banished. When I was a young man, I carried a knife and everyone knew it, and some boys accused me of threatening them with it. And the people listening believed the story... and I was banished from my adopted home away from home... It was traumatic, the family had taken me in as an older cousin, big brother/baby sister, friend and home work helper. It wasn't a good time for me. But there was still school, my own family and part time work and my reading and dreams and whatever. 
   The boys returned, told the truth and I was welcomed back with cautions and lots of love... I learned about running a muskrat trap line and skinning them, a buck a piece. Substituting on the paper route for one of the children, helping Lois clean her kitchen work table, I did half of it. She called my mother and told her to send me back to finish the other half (best practical joke I ever did). My little brother woke me too early and I left home and went and slept on the porch furniture and their grandmother asked if I was a homeless boy when she found me out there.
    But it always bothered me a bit that the mother, who trusted me alone with watching over her home and children, decided that I had done what I was accused of with my pocket knife. I couldn't prove what never happened, I could only continue to grow up and make all my own mistakes.

   So, with the cynical 'believe in nothing and nobody' culture and media circus, I know that the Judge is unsettled. The people that know him are not doubting him. Being a fair man and trying to believe the Doctor is a lady, the poor woman is just mistaken and needs lot more help is my opinion. I can't prove that either. I did see her lawyer say that she isn't against the Judge going to the Supreme Court, although that wasn't her recommendation. Don't worry, say your prayers ask for forgiveness for all those things that only exist in the minds of others. I have long believed and repeated that a reputation is very difficult to live up to, nor under as it grows in the minds and tongues of the unknowing.


  1. Provocative & so true. Those who are casting aspersions, etc., need to reflect upon their teenage years as in "people who live in glass houses should not cast stones". What was the "judge" doing at this so called party? To smear someone's reputation 35 years later is plain bs, in my humble opinion.

  2. Exactly. I recall very little of what happened in high school (45 yrs ago)...I don't believe anyone can recall, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what happened that long ago.

  3. Sadly, he will never live that accusation down. It will haunt him the rest of his life, and impact not only him, but his family... Truly ugly!