Saturday, September 8, 2018

The game is becoming boring, only need to show up twice a day...

  So how is life really on my end of the internet? It is fine, sure there are some challenges, but nothing that fewer carbs, more exercise and rest and constant medical interventions won't delay the end. And among the things I can help, the end isn't one of them. Still enjoy teaching Sunday school, and AWANAS has started back up. So I am getting a good dose of youth to balance the old veterans sitting around telling war stories. I do get some fine opinions, ha, ha.
  My wife continues to do her church and volunteer work, says she won't leave me in the Washington Soldiers Home, we have some of our Sunday School classes that visit there also. Everyone should visit before the only chance to see them is under their headstone.
   Remembering that it has never been anyone else's fault that I consume too much, a modern problem of the indolent old men... I want to get a better vest, I wear the work ones because of pockets to fill with stuff I couldn't find on the other side of the belt and belly. A proper waistcoat... like Men's Wearhouse would have what I want.  Sunday night, I am listening to the Blues, although I was happy to see Stanford defeat USC. Time for sleep. Good night, all and y'all.

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  1. You're looking good Earl, and those outings and mixing with youth keep you active, that is ALL good!