Friday, September 28, 2018

Seems I have been hacked... must be the Russians or the evil LEFTist

  I am going to change into gym gear and go workout.

Watched the action of the Senate Subcommittee, and this nation is toast. My America only exists in real people, not performing artists in the media exposure for profit, so it is all for naught. I don't want to learn Chinese, my English vocabulary may be better than most of the talking on television, because I learned mine from books, not movies and television.

  Anyway, someone owns my Facebook page, I am not playing Farmville with my sister, who needs my prayers, much more than my foolish.  So y'all are left with my ghost and the haunting of the hacker that stole my (free) membership. Or Facebook folks decided there are too many guns on my page and stroked me out. Doesn't matter, I will not live by AI nor digital device alone.

  I did some work on my new AR platform and am looking forward to taking it shooting this weekend. Busy weekend, lots to do on.



  1. Enjoy, and your BP will probably go down!!! :-)

    1. How do I do a laughing face on Blogger? :D