Thursday, September 20, 2018

Let's talk about politics... really?

  I am only a two issue voter, but then I know how everything works.  Money buys power, it is a reward and a tool of the elite and they will never care about the basket of deplorables (how did Hillary spell it?), those of us'ns living in trailer parks and under bridges. But I don't really support those that have no honor, sense of shame nor Boy Scout characteristics. I will pray for them, but they get no money and no votes from me.

   So toss out what is in the news. Just remember what you support and find the candidates that are supporting what you think is important. Both major parties are doing bad things for their seats in power, they are both hiding stuff. And they are all lying about their record, promises and character - maybe.  In Washington and many other states large sums of money are pushing activity against the Constitution and the amendments to the basic law.

  Interesting times, larger and larger poorly informed citizens going to vote the rascals in...

Anyway, I am close to deciding to buy an AR and need some solid recommendations. I took a look at Daniel Defense v7, and was interested but appalled by the prices, sigh. I am such a cheap old man.
Should ask my son, still serving, about what he and his community think would be the perfect home/vehicle rifle/carbine that he would recommend. Has to be my size.  If the current anti-gun infanticide loving Democrats win big (and the Republicans have no spine nor Constitution restoring agenda).  I will be heading to the gun shop to buy before they think they can stop me. Always have known that when the revolutions come, we march on Fort Ticonderoga to get the King's guns.

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  1. There are a number of reasonably priced ARs out there. Or you could assemble your own, I think Brownells have special running.