Monday, September 24, 2018

I really am an American... so when they are going to oppress me about an AR...

  I immediately went to find one I would buy, there are some cheap one around. Had some good suggestions from friends to build one (they don't understand how challenging that would be) but the best answer was 'I am downsizing take your pick of these.' That didn't take but three emails and a meeting set up for today to pick up said AR.  Iron sights and GI web sling, and I was hoping for a magazine, too.

    It was interesting driving up in the commute around Seattle and even more so to find his home in the maze of streets, which often ended in a dead end with the promise some day there would be a road to link. Ah, ten minutes later than I had planned I found him and a small dog waiting for me. Invited in and he has on the kitchen island, a shopping bag full of magpul parts, 2 new 30 magazines, one twenty rounder, and 360 rds. Plus another pistol grip and butt stock. And a soft black gun bag, so the little stuff was left in my car, and we were off to see the man about an official transfer of the firearm, thirty dollars and some paperwork later. I now own an evil black rifle - and can hardly wait to shoot it.

   He did mention leaving the 30rd mags in the packages, because there was no telling what terrible thing would happen when they got loose. I told him I had ordered three 10 round mags, because I have never loved long magazine for anything except ease of carry. Ever since 1967 a rifle with a box magazine that laid into my support arm has been unfit for me to use.  I had also dropped an ammunition order and would be waiting for it. At the store where we did the paperwork, I picked up some bumper stickers about the voting NO on I-1639, and flyers on same. One issue that Americans cannot leave to those people in power. Having watched the government and their problems with fairness, I am sure the less they do the better we all will be.

   He did note how quickly my background check came back, I think it is because they have a fat file on me. I worked for them for a long time, and now my son is working and having to get and keep his clearances up to date. Judging from all the ribbons he is wearing, his file is twice as fat as mine. Ha, ha!


  1. What twist? 1/9, 1/12, 1/7? That will drive your ammo selection.

    1. I understand it is 1/7 and should like heavier bullets. I will test and find out.

  2. Always wondered when people complained about Congress not being in session. Seems to me that they can get in a lot less trouble then.