Friday, September 28, 2018

I was correct, the Democratic Party hacked all those Facebook accounts, cause Zuckerberg...

  I have been traumatized and in thirty-five years will testify about how devastated I am as I suddenly remember which one I know did me in...

   Having broken free of putting my mindless thoughts on the only thing bigger than twitter... I may continue to play here until the Speech Police come up to take my computer away.

   In my happier news, I have had a wonderful email from my sister, updating me about her life, challenges and the remodeling of the home she is living in. The pictures are great of the kitchen.

    Also my Magpul order showed up. Three ten round magazines for my new (to me) AR, which I still haven't named (Sister Liberty?). And a sling, RLS Rifleman Loop Sling, which makes me wonder if a friend of mine sold his sling design to Magpul. Looks fine except for the nylon web, I like cotton, but I am going to give it all a go.

    Tomorrow, pictures and maybe I will sneak off and shoot some rounds to find my zero. But tonight I go out to see Redemption, part 2 of Unbroken. And tomorrow I have Men's Prayer Group. Good night.

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  1. Enjoy the church, and connecting with family is always good! Good luck with the sight in too!