Thursday, October 4, 2018

I am not playing that game anymore... why are you?

   Now, I am not a Senator, Congressperson, President nor Judge... I am just me, Earl. Now having watched the country change because of what we all see and hear as our communications links get better and faster and seem to have nothing. Where did America go? Lift the magic curtain, and it is still there. The seasons change, technology changes, but the land, water, stars in the sky -- none of that has really changed. Has it?

   Where is the anger coming from, where is the idea that everyone has to be cool, sexy, hip, on top, best, brightest, purist, beautiful, handsome, talented? The culture of envy?

    Anyway, I am not going to apologize for being an American, and asking about my heritage is fun, but you can't blame me for it, nor anything my ancestors may have done to survive and live during their time on earth. If it is creative and interesting I may read your words, view your works, listen to the poem or music - but you just aren't moving me to react to ugly, hurtful, or threatening. Why would I? Because of polling data? experts say? everyone knows? There is Liberty being old, wrinkled and weak, poorer and laughing at those that don't know what happy is.

   I hope y'all drop your fears, fancies, and foolishness. Be good and kind. Be better than you think everyone else isn't... or as they are.

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