Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to seveth step -- Seventh Steppin'

Still happy about the Appleseed in Custer, WA, and talked to the young lady selling organic blue berries from Mount Vernon about that. I also talked to a former Marine in the book store, since I was wearing my Red RWVA instructor hat, and my Marine shooting jacket. He told me all about his experience with the M1, and since only eight rounds had been through his I did ask if he was ready to pass it on. His price quote made me think it was a recent purchase, with a little more recoil than he wanted. Nice conversation.

I was really waiting to meet the Congressman from my district, Denny Heck. I checked with his staff, they said he would be there about 11:30.  I saw him walking through the farmer's market about 11:40 and he caught the red hat and the wondering about the RWVA on it. I explained it was for the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, and he said I didn't look that old.

I shook his hand and explained our mission and how we taught rifle marksmanship, after asking how he shot.  I told him we told the story of the three strikes of the match about Lexington and Concord  on April 19, 1775. I had lost track of my trifolds from the Appleseed on Sunday (would find them in the t-shirt box later) but I gave him our Appleseed.org address and showed him some of the digital pictures from that shoot.

Very positive reaction from him, I did stress that serving elected officials could shoot free He was going around checking on what his folks had concerns about. So we talked about one of mine  Mostly it was about America's change and the RWVA mission.

That discussion makes me want to modify my closing of my emails.  I want to leave this as my signature:

I won't be ruled, I am in no state to be governed, but I will be represented. In the LORD's Love and Liberty abide.  Earl, Rifleman


  1. Well done as always Earl, thanks for keeping it positive and getting our 'voice' out there!