Monday, September 16, 2013

How can I get back to normal?

As I heat up some coffee this morning, I am thinking I should have a plan. I came back from the Appleseed tired, finished the Internal After Action Report (IAAR) for the Poulsbo Appleseed, fell asleep, woke and ate a dinner, shower and went to bed. Get up a couple times in the night, decide still too sleepy and go back to bed. Finally awake at four something and start editing and posting pictures on the AAR.

Appleseeds must be a subversive activity, as soon as a photo is posted there are at least five views of the picture, and no comments ever left behind. It could be other RWVA volunteers checking out your activity and product, friends from other events around the country, all good people looking at good things and thinking well of your Appleseeders. I never know and really only care that the participants look at themselves in action, check for steady hold factors and trigger finger position. When they were shooting they were focused on that front sight, and Earl's theory is I never looked so good as when there wasn't a camera around to catch my fleeting handsome... Anyway, I know that there are more pictures of me in the world than I will ever be in control of, that the only way to find my best shot is to take it using all six steps. Flurry over the NSA, BAFTE, FBI or Google's spying on the data bits flowing the internet -- just another foolish hoarding of stuff no one will look at twice, and since much of it is computers seeking automatically what they have been told to find... a human may never be harmed in looking at another picture of less than perfect Earl.

Coffee is ready, and as I grab a fresh from the garden tomato from the bowl and my cup of coffee, I see my wife has already washed, dried and folded my Appleseed garb from yesterday - she did it Saturday night, too. How did such a procrastinator find such an energy bunny? Lucky, it wasn't smarts.

So seriously, I have a Caravan load of Appleseed and shooting gear, to unload and repack for the coming weekend. The lawn needs lots of attention, the YMCA expects my ardent participation, and there must be other stuff waiting in ambush to distract me from noticing that hunting season is slip, sliding away...

Yes, I know - for Earl hunting is not normal. But for Earl desiring to try something new, look around and see what I haven't done or thought about. I was fascinated by listening to a shooter, that made his Rifleman patch, talk about his work as an engineer on platforms, ships and large production bodies...making things work, again or better or as designed.

Well, the coffee is good but not working, so I should head back to bed for a bit. So tired.

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