Friday, September 27, 2013

Have a nice weekend, my favorite barista says...

Doesn't she know, that every day is Saturday in my life, except Sunday. But she is a nice young lady, she knows what I like and 24 oz of black coffee works wonders after the work out. Hmmm, didn't even get to post my 10K rowing nor the 13.5 miles biking. Will do that after this post.

I was commenting on Facebook about a news report about the Appleseed shooting clinic in New York, the one written about was in New York City, but the pictures were from outside the city at another Appleseed in New York.  It wasn't a bad report, missed a few points, got some History wrong but mostly a positive write up about the activity. One of those commenting to my post started beating the RWVA up for not coming out and saying we support the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. Although we shoot rifles, we teach marksmanship and tell the History of April 19, 1775 - the organization doesn't take a modern political stand, which actually isn't a modern stand - the 2nd Amendment was needed along with the other nine in order to get the states to ratify the new government. But the RWVA doesn't teach that at all, and is not going to voice any opinion on what anyone wants from today's government. There are lots of very vocal, very active groups defending the 2nd Amendment. As I pointed out my problem with those that can't understand English and have difficulty reading started in 1934 with the NFA (The National Firearms Act). But I never bring that to the Appleseed. There is so much to do in two days to get shooters the full course of instruction.

I finished reading Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly and his helper, don't bother - he uses the same stuff he used in Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy, and presents it as badly. If you don't know much about Romans, and their empire becoming more tyrannical then you should read it. You will recognize current political activities to protect the ruling elite and their excesses. But if you were looking for some proof of Jesus the Son of God, or even Jesus the son of Man. You will find the name, some of the story, and all of the rumors of miracles but none of the truth. They didn't go there. Which makes me think that the authors really are believers, and have in no way committed to making you one in this book.

I had posted my RWVA Appleseed trail on my sidebar, so I could keep track, and when reviewing the Eagle Creek, OR 11-12 December 2010 
I found a new entry, about Jason firing a very nice target about two weeks after that Appleseed, with the target. I made a comment about that and his father came back with a link to when Jason earned his Rifleman patch he seems to have cleared a Red Coat and scored 219, with a very fine looking rifle. That was a particularly fine Appleseed (Dec 11-12m 2010), very wet but lots of good shooting, splashing and one of my final ones as I headed for the exit. I am back, have Coupeville on Whitbey Island to Shoot Boss. My point to the commenter that doesn't like the RWVA and Appleseed because we won't make a modern commitment to the political chaos of America - we teach safe rifle marksmanship, and talk about a governor that tried to disarm the public, and failed. We are focused on the front sight, and keep hitting the target - he is focusing on the target and misses the point...


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