Sunday, September 29, 2013

So you are getting dressed for church...

And the big decision point comes in the process, which caliber and with piece am I going to carry, concealed. I have been told that it would have much to do with who I am, 45 or 9mil? I would be going with the 45, then do I take the stainless steel one, the nickle plated one, the basic black, the one with the gold inlay and ivory (almost) grips? Should I use full metal jacket or hollow points? So many decisions in being a proper fellow.... what to do what to do. I am only a simple man, a humble man. I will have to wear my pensive Mickey Mouse tie - then the brothers at church will know I am carrying on.

Hope your Sunday worship and fellowship is blest by God, for He is good.


  1. And the same to you Sir! I went with basic black today, the G17 :-)

  2. Choice is good, the choice makes the man. Always - simple times, basic black works. 8-)