Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Still talking in the Senate, in the UN, over coffee...

That is a very important survival technique - keep the conversation going - when you have run out of words there aren't many options left. It is so easy to die or to kill and talking seems to slow that down, a bit.

As always I am thinking about the end of our world - since we don't seem to work hard enough, live close enough to people we love and can depend upon, we are not at this time ready for that 'end of the world as we knew it'. So we die or are killed off.

That human has an animal base - needs food, water and waste elimination, and a certain range of temperatures and an amount of sunlight. Then the mental part that defines a human being kicks in, and self interest and logic progression makes one choose the path to personal goals, remembering what works, projecting out comes for actions contemplated... and survival is better. This is where cooperation and Pyramid building resides. There is a spiritual element, base much of it around love - that willingness to die that others you love will live on. What are you fighting for? The Legion was the reply... given by non French soldiers in some forsaken corner of History. Shared values, shared future, and lots of forgiveness and real love and then the whole survival thing would be assured. But then the collapse of civilization as we know it wouldn't happen, would it? My problem is I don't see enough real loving people in positions of power, which are why the parts aren't working well, too much I and not enough you and us'ns together on the same little planet.

Kind of like worrying about which firearm to defend yourself with.... HERE. I would have wondered how one got to that point that someone was attacking you in your home, your outpost, your manor, your minor castle, your tribal lands or your nation state. How did you allow that to happen? Did you make excuses for others and bad manners, uncivil conduct and vulgar language? Did you make sure they were hungry, cold and angry? Did you share your good works, good sense and fortune enough to promote their own accomplishments? Did you allow a lie to stand unchallenged? Size of firearm is always compensation for lack of male member? Did you allow government (and the fools that think they control it) to believe that it was more important than a live human at every point in his life?

They do study and write books about the why things fell apart, or they throw money at it because it was too big to fail --- or some throw tanks and airplanes, or suicide bombers or more lies, can't we all just get along?

Individuals, family, clan, and tribe... need much more study, understanding why humans only work that way before they can re-establish civilization and law.  Law seems to become needed when the spiritual is lacking. Kind of like the parents that have to impose limits on their young, the Alpha wolf will nip the cub, but continued lack of progress towards a sound pack member will cause the Alpha to kill the cub. Animal, but surviving.

Considering the collapse of nations in the past, Russia, France, China there were lots of people that died until the nations settled under some kind of authority - but as interdependent the world is now, how many will die if the grid fails and the truckers stop moving stuff? Can a planet Earth be too big to fail?


  1. Personally, I think they are about to run out of 'words' and then the action is going to start...

  2. Personally, I think they are about to run out of 'words' and then the action is going to start...