Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Time isn't as exact for everyone... it is relative.

I look at the roses, just a little bit ago I had taken pictures of them as buds, and now they are big and bold and about to become petals in the wind... since they grew while I wasn't watching.

I step out, get in my car and drive off to an Appleseed, present instruction, coach, monitor progress, encourage and razz as needed. One of the shooters from a couple of Appleseeds ago said he had been the target of some gentle razzing, and he might have been correct - just not a word I use in motivation... but it does work. So, since I am a retired fellow, I have lots of time to concentrate on the Appleseeds, and I get fretful when all those folks don't check for their pictures, read and/or comment on their Appleseed experience. I want to make sure I shake them up more on the next Appleseed. I need motivating, I measure success in every smiling shooter leaving with good memories and a desire to do even better and to talk about what happened.

Like an elevator in a tall building, one gets on the Appleseed, and the Plan of Instruction flows on, and suddenly at the end of the second day, one gets off the Appleseed and goes about life, real life. Family, friends, bills, work, and will think about this last and the next Appleseed when I have to... and if you don't have pictures to post, the Internal After Action Report to file and the report to higher about this shoot, the progress checks performed to standard, recommendations for promotion and just plain old bragging about how well your team did in producing Riflemen and committed Americans understanding the sacrifices of that 1775 generation of patriots - well, you clean your rifles, repack your stuff for the next one and periodically check to see if anyone posted anything wonderful that you want to snap up into calling this shoot.

I need to make two points at my next Appleseed: word of mouth and internet connections to share the heritage (they are stepping up into Isaac Davis shoes, aren't they?) and that 10 rounds standing, ten rounds sitting (in each of the positions) and twenty rounds of prone are the minimum dry fire recommendation for five days of their week. Do it on the best AQT from their last Appleseed.

Well, enough looking to see if anyone posted anything, on the RWVA forum, or Face book.... I give my wife two 5.11 shirts to get taken in so I look professional and my YMCA bag is packed, when I return today I will start the POI for Poulsbo Appleseed, needing more instructors and more shooters - there are never enough are there?


  1. Had a wonderful time Earl - thank you for the great coaching and for putting up with us! Glad that I was able to come - not sure if I'll make Poulsbo, but I'll be back!

  2. I have plenty of real life to tend to in the next week and a half but I'm looking forward to persisting in Poulsbo. Your post was a good reminder that I should also tend to 40 rounds of dry fire homework.

  3. Earl, I've always been one that used 'humor' to lead, and I'm afraid 'our' humor is probably considered harassment these days... Thanks for being a leader again and working to educate those shooters! Razz away!!! :-)