Monday, September 30, 2013

Last day of September, thunderstorms wake me...

Sipping fresh coffee, trying to get up some excitement at checking the weekend's Lottery tickets against the numbers. No, the coffee is great but I do realize that normal efficiency of the government in running any program means that they should be losing billions and billions of dollars to folks like we... so what is different? Are the games really just an extension of traditional criminal syndicates - who knew how to account for even the skim of the skim? Can't get excited about that. My wife pushed a strange button on the machine, and ended up with a Seahawks Scratch ticket, I cleaned it off, found no wins and then they want you to submit the ticket for loser drawings. Another fine way to get individual information to sell to those needing more potential victims.

The total rainfall for September here in Washington State should be higher than normal, a river is running down the street. If I make morning breakfast and dine I will be prepared to row away later. Only forty more pounds to very slim pickings... like that is going to happen soon. Our Sunday school teacher returned for coffee fellowship, had major heart surgery - parts of his memory are hiding from him, he has really shrunk, and he looks tired. But everyone was glad to see him getting around and smiling gently, and all hoping they never have to suffer so much, because they know they won't do it as gracefully and gratefully. Just not that fine a folk, need more saving.

So tomorrow is the government shutdown, do they dare? I mean, what happens is the people go find a life without the benefit and obligations to a failed state. Like the king is dead, and haven't got time for another king in one's life. Really, do they dare shut it down? I was watching the sequester effect, on the Blue Angels, and such. We miss them but can catch YouTube reruns, can't we? I was watching Star Wars trilogy yesterday, and falling asleep in the first video, but looking hard at the last two. Wishing Lucas would do the last three episodes, on Computer animation if nothing else. Too many authors seem to die before finishing their series, then someone tries to finish it and it never is the same.

Well, time for breakfast and then job searching, a bit.

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  1. I read a list of what will be lost in a shutdown. Some of it is probably important to some people....but so much of it was so much nothing.