Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You can't make a rule against murder that will stop a mad man....

You cannot expect that disarming citizens will make them victims, nor submissive. There have been and will be again large bodies of people without arms willing to die to make their point that the powers that be - aren't.

Now I know that President Bill Clinton disarmed all the military on military bases when he was in charge I can be sure he was a fool about more than California airheads. At least now I don't have to ask the name of the Commander that has prohibited concealed carry authority on the base. He should have crafted the law that those carrying a weapon on base with intent to harm others would be prosecuted by God. Oops! we are talking about a military that regularly carries and uses weapons to harm others, aren't we? I always figured I was going to be fair, they get as much chance to shoot me as I them -- better shot wins. Have I mentioned how much I love 'cover'? Cover is anything between you and your attacker that will stop his weapon from hurting you. An oceans worth is great.

There are several things that could be done to improve the American public, make the media voice retractions, apologies and corrections as loudly and as frequently as they repeat the lies, slanted and heavily edited news material. One could say they should choose their words and pace of delivery, and present the news in black and white without emotional tone nor overtone. Yes, I know - they have crafted a business model for making lots of money for inflaming passions and pugnaciousness. They call airing the same video and comment over and over the news cycle.

Every death is a life ended. However it happened, the person is gone. Being a victim, a rabbit or a sheep, of the authority, the criminal, or the insane doesn't change the reality - that person has gone beyond the point they will be able to see it on the Six O'clock News. They will be resting in peace.

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