Friday, September 20, 2013

Keep it simple, silly.... so much more PC

So you are born an animal, and never ever lose that until you die.

And being human, you have higher brain functions, or we hope so. Sometimes there isn't much evidence.

And being children of God, you have spirituality that again often can't be proved. So it gets
called many other things but I will allow you a secular morality...

The animal and the human will die, and be remembered by those that love you.

If you have spirit, live by your spirit and improve your spirit and relationship with God, you might not expire as completely as expected.

I would complete this post but am still in awe of the change that accepting the spiritual over the human and animal in my daily life. It may take until that departure from the other two to find out what is beyond for that spirit. If you go first find out why Houdini hasn't reported back yet.

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