Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Missing in action, MIA, missing, inaction... not doing enough...

  So Democrats and Socialists everywhere (except in Venezuela) believe that the government will care so well for us in our stupid greed and danger... sigh.

  If governments were so good, they would grow more food, build finer homes, and hospitals and the education would be the very best. Ever wonder why with the Veterans Administration there is a charity partying well on good folks donations to get better care for wounded warriors? If government education so good, that rich children go to private schools and learn more? Remember that government education at college level will produce an officer prepared to work in a rigid environment with the power of the courts martial behind him. You can add all your personal examples of how the government doesn't get it right most of the time, and certainly not on budget or within standards - and any link between private enterprise and government is immediately a warning that there is probably corruption at some level.

   That is enough tonight.  Having no interest in WWE or reports of the political action of the election year, I did my taxes last night, using Turbo Tax.  And I have one missing document and I will owe a hundred and forty dollars which will be in the April check writing pile.  Last year I got a refund of five hundred and more dollars.  My wife and I are now on fixed income, awaiting the collapse of the markets, the government and our entitlements because we trusted the government goodness...  The truth is the government needs our help, I can pay my bills, but they can't pay their bills. And if they just made the dollar worth what it was in most of American History they wouldn't have the current problem... cause the dollar was once very sound, the banks weren't but the dollar was.

   The banks aren't sound again, the markets are better, but then don't buy on leverage...

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