Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ever dream you are running???

  Woke this morning from a Special Ops training area where I had come back from a run, and cause I still had something in me, I asked if anyone (from the just landed group) wanted to run along and we took off and sprinted a bit then settled into some serious stretching of the stride.  That was a very cool dream, reminded me of the smoking dreams while I was quitting, where it tasted so good in your dream and you woke up thinking to light up another... that real and happy.

   So I turned in the Xfinity box yesterday, power cord didn't match the juncture it was supposed to and I wasn't going to carve it. Jury rigged a splitter and some cable to connect a second box, and it has been not coming to life, but since the regular older box works, I have only a replacement cable before I go back to replace the box.  I can still get the DVD/videon player to work on the monitor so it isn't anything except the box, and cable connection from the splitter. Yeah, time for coffee and breakfast. We are going to try and see Risen today. Only four showings, like Race, seems Deadpool has many, many more.

   I have decided that listening to Donald Trump would be just as bad as listening to Jeb! every day as President, but was happy to see Condie Rice running in California as it sinks below the fold. Wish one could go back to those really real happy dreams... but they have fled, maybe I should just burst out and RUN!

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  1. Real exercise works... And keeps us old men at least 'kinda' limber... :-)