Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Who wins? How do we do that?

  So the question of taxes came up in my house yesterday, and my wife wanted to know how much money she had in her IR accounts.  Imagine her shock when I told her the last time I knew or had paper for was from 2013, the year she had set up her automatic distribution, some step on that process had stopped their sending paper copies to our home. I do keep too much old paper records, I still have LES copies, and I can tell you what my budget was in 1973 through Feb 1985 when I went to computers. She would go to the credit union to get the quarterly reports for the in between and I hope start again that wonderful system of mailing the full quarterly report to the account holder.

  This was caused a bit by the Iowa caucus news reporting, very nice MicroSoft app, and sure enough the little captains could figure out how to boost their candidate's numbers quickly, and seemed willing to do so for the cause. Which means to me that not enough has changed in politics. I was pleased that the media darling front runner Mr Trump came in second. He was very gracious after, and that stands him very well. I was pleased enough that Senator Cruz and his team did very well, but mostly happy that Senator Marco Rubio came in a very close to second, third. That was great, the next thing was that before I moved off the cable to our evening WWE session, I get to hear the third place finisher give the victory speech. Wow! How he was covered first, had family and supporters in front of the camera immediately and broadcast first, I don't know. But it happened, he spoke very strongly and well and about all that was important. Finished and I could move on (after all I am not paid to pay attention like the reporters and pundits are)...  

  So we ended the evening with juvenile pleasure in watching wrestling tomfoolery and sipping adult beverages, enough to loosen my tongue and ensure conversation and arouse worry about if I had too much (its okay dear, I can walk to my bed). She remembers long ago and far away and having to care for a much lighter, stronger and handsomer fellow deep in his cups. To sleep to dream and then wake.

   I wake early, as normal, and get up and write up seven checks, put into six envelopes and mail them off.  Looking at the amount left, I will be careful the remainder of the month. Have to learn to spell frugal with a capital letter or all caps.  The Democratic Party sent me a survey to help them against the rascally Republicants, and as long as it isn't on my stamp, okay.

   I go off to the YMCA for sweat producing and stress reducing. Nineteen point seven miles worth. Light conversation but lots of time to reflect as I mindlessly row and pedal ... lots of time. I come to the realization I am not enthusiastic about this election, I am sure the fix is in, as it always is the money folks behind all the contenders are doing more than the voters. In the end, the election held the markers will be called, those responding correctly will be well rewarded and gain power and loot. And that loot is from the nation and the peasants plundered by a very corrupt system. And the fools will respond with it has always been that way.  So maybe this year they, the powers behind the curtain, need to buy my vote and attention.  But they won't.

   It is too costly, and the control of millions is impossible.  I can make my nation and community great, wonderful and powerful again.  At my level, right here in River City.  First response of a real American, question everything and don't comply until it makes sense... and that won't happen too often.  Kind of like wishing for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, well, where you are act like a saint and it will begin.  Act like a great American and that great America will rise up around you - where ever you go and what ever you do - do it well, do it with courage and love and always do your best, so it maybe blest.

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