Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How does the story go... if you are in denial...

So my wife calls me to bed and I shut off the reading lamp, turn off the stereo, and walk to the bedroom, and along the way I fall down and lead with my head and nose. She asks if I am okay, and I have gotten up walked into the bedroom, pulled back the covers and going to sleep, saying "yes, Dear."

  Several hours later I wake to look in the mirror and I find a bit bloody forehead and the bridge of my nose really smashed and bloody - so I go to take a selfie for the History of the event... and posting it on Facebook to gross everyone out- you just have to have a story. Still thinking I am a fighter, I could pretend I took one for the team, led with my face to block the punch, or just allow them to see I am laughing it off. It is not beyond my personal history that someone has smashed my nose at the bridge so well. High school football practice I kept getting Clark's elbow until I moved out of the way faster.

  Some sympathetic noises (comments) also made me go to the second choice for the story, I had too much to drink last night... song from my youth. Saying so to my wife got her off of worrying too much about it. Although her best friend advised that I should see a doctor, I wasn't going to burden the healthcare system, put some Vapor Rub on the wounds after washing the dried blood off, okay, she could apply some vitamin E. Honey would have worked too, but the bugs are back already. And we had seen Revenant and fear bears bumbling in the woods out back.

   The day hiding from the outside world was spent pleasantly with the Cable guy from Xfinity as he checked, repaired and made our individual sets perfect. He really was great, within ten minutes of the time he was supposed to be here, came equipped to do whatever it took.  And still be a pleasant conversationalist.  We talked a bit about the cableset boxes and why new ones are going to be better than the old ones (larger volumes of transmission) and buy the time it was time for lunch, I had two really well behaved universal remotes and a totally new connections and a modern box ready for the improvement. Oh, we had some conversation about the grid, our time in the middle east, our sons, guns, hunting and stuff.  He never asked a thing about my face, guys don't really.

  In my expanded movie availability I watched D. Washington acting as a drunken pilot in Flight, pretty good movie about bad behavior and the government saving us from evil alcohol, and I especially liked the end.

  So today with my intent to go to the YMCA, and sweat and then return to preparing for Spring, I think I must come clean.  I don't know why I fell, I wasn't drunk but do think that my foot lift wasn't high enough to clear something and I tripped, why my hands didn't catch me is more concerning. When asked about scaring, I had to laugh, my whole face is a scar and a scare- time marched boldly upon it. Is it time for LifeAlert? Or just time to realize I ain't that young anymore?



  1. Welcome to the world of trip. I tripped last spring, if you remember, and ended up in an ambulance going to the ER. No bones broken, no concussion, but a great deal of pain that took about a month to go away. Don't you love getting older?

  2. We're not 21 anymore... Glad you didn't do any major damage!

  3. We're not 21 anymore... Glad you didn't do any major damage!