Monday, July 11, 2016

They all have little stories they share and they will never be on the news, thank the LORD...

   I was struck by how many stories from the twenty-five plus people I worked with this weekend will never be the kind of story I will tune in to hear on entertainment or news media on Monday... of course these are all not 'larger than life' nor 'too big to fail' folks, these are just 'the folks'. And immediately my mind added 'and we're watching out for you!' If you don't know where that comes from it has to do with 'where the spin stops' on FOXNews.

Earl tells the Third Strike of the Match 

   Three hours on the highways, safely, with stops for fuel and food and coffee and rest, that is a busy highway.  Still reflecting in the two day Appleseed event, it was great, weather was excellent with enough rain to keep the dust down and the grass greening and the shooters dry and comfortable. Over twenty shooters, six to seven instructor crew, a well worked Course of Instruction with a willingness to adapt, change and overcome gently each shooter's needs.  Must have been gentle, I had smiles and farewell handshakes at the end of day two, I was already very proud of the progress they had all made, the safe firearms handling and the interest in establishing an independent course into our nation's future (where we find ourselves living now) that our foreneighbors took in April of 1775.

  I could tell you how I gently harassed Bruce into doing it the way we taught and worked for him, and he didn't disappoint. One of the little stories was the man shooting next to him, was his brother-in-law and the woman, sister/wife, was a better shot (they said) than either of them. Just one of the little stories. At the safe table cleaning an AR, on Sunday morning, a pistol shooter that recently came to rifle. How did he get there? Well, his story is that he worked for someone that was short of cash but had too many firearms and the person on his first Appleseed event, first time with a rifle, was given that fine AR with stuff on it, and a shotgun as compensation. He assured me the transfer was legal, I didn't ask just advised to make it so if it wasn't. But really Mayor Bloomberg wouldn't be happy, but he didn't like large sweet drinks either - so we know he is crazy.

   Yes, lots of little stories on the range, from the man with a tricked out wooden stock Ruger10/22 in Scout Configuration, Cooper lives! with leather three point sling! He offered me an opportunity to shoot it, love real shooters they always share their love of their rifle and skill. The last time I took up someone's offer and kept nailing the three hundred yard steel target (which I can't hear) I hurried up and found my own 1903 A3, thanks to the generosity of another shooter in California, delivered to my door by some fine shipping organization. Temptations must be resisted, I can only fire one rifle at a time,

  So about four hundred rounds fired on targets, safely, stories of Liberty and April 19, 1775 delivered sagely, and our Revolutionary War Veterans Association mission delivered passionately - cause we live this stuff. If nothing else ever happens, my hope is all the crew and shooters have the warm memories of a fine two days they didn't turn on mindless noise and learned something, building our future one Rifleman at a time.  And We the People had several, HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!

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