Friday, July 8, 2016

Make America Great Again, really what do you know about America?

     After losing my job to force reduction, budget cuts, or just no one needed me anymore... I decided to ride my Trusty Triumph across America and see the home range of the RWVA and Fred, and visit my mother in her nursing home. I was going to help with an Appleseed in Spearfish South Dakota, and another in Saint Augustine, Florida, I was going to visit family and bloggers that I read and admire.  When I had lots of wishes before I never had the time, now I had the time.  So I would sleep on rest stop benches or beside the motorcycle on the ground or sometimes in a motel along the way. That was six years ago, and America was great then, the Americans were, too.  What changed? Too much rude behavior, not enough real love?  In 2012, I decided to support Ron Paul because the other political party was doing strange things - but the Republicans were as against me and Ron as they were against President Obama.  I didn't believe then anymore than now that the government is going to cure its own ills.  We are talking about people that think they are in charge.

      So in another election year, the Olympics look very good.  That is an inside joke for Washingtonians. Donald Trump caught the mood of the folks, and he was kind of an outsider and he wants to make America great again... but I noticed he has little idea of what makes America great, he isn't alone in that, President Obama has little idea, either. When you are the center of your own life story you may not understand what makes America great is all the little lovely life stories out there. It isn't the economy - but the activity, it isn't the leisure and luxury, but the full belly, sore muscles and clean hands and heart. Lending a hand, making things right, trying harder for our future, the future that we won't live but want our posterity to enjoy.  It isn't really Fly Over Country - it is America where most of us live, work and love. Where most of us believe all lives matter, that race no longer does, that our rights end where yours begin and government never ever gave us any rights, but a very long list of wrongs.

   No, Mister Trump doesn't get it, he sees what he wants and may want to accomplish, but he doesn't know what most Americans do, and he always tries to get around but end up a winner.  He is not humble nor kind, how could I follow his lead?  He isn't going where I am, and he doesn't know nor believe in the American People - he ought to, but he doesn't.  Remember that I contributed to four Presidential candidates this year, each immediately dropped out, there were four I thought could do the job better than the current main two contenders

    The only acceptable solution to making America great again is shrinking the government. shrinking the National Debt, stop listening to the liars and nasty fools.  Go on and be humble and kind, and it will frighten the ruling elite, they do want us crying in our dependency, they make rules about milk, agriculture, water and air -- just so we can never go it alone without their permission... Donald Trump is not a changer, he is a player and he may break some rules but only for himself and friends not for real Americans.  The Media and the political parties are supported by large money, most of America is small money, most of America is likeable or will just leave you alone - not what Donald Trump wants, he likes his name and likes it everywhere. I like my name, William Earl Dungey, don't forget to write it in for President. Thank you

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