Thursday, July 21, 2016

Suffering from pain and ignorance I go to the emergency room...

    No, I didn't tell my wife, nor leave her a note - she would worry if I had.  She had her own doctor appointment to make this morning and I wanted her thinking about it and her driving. So I got my Kindle and drove off to the emergency room, parked and walked in and introduced myself and asked for help.  Normal blood, fluids, temperature and pressure measurements and then the doctor shows up checks the pain the body and asks the questions and prods and pokes... he has knowledge and lines me up and they print out a few pages and tell me to put my clothes back on, see my primary physician and get scheduled for an operation.  Seems I only have an Inguinal Hernia. Out patient surgery some day when we can all be prepared for it.

   Being overweight is a contributor, but I figure the work outs could have been another but I will blame the Front Body Lunges (since I like them so little). I was so happy that it wasn't any of the real problems I had feared that as I drove out of the parking lot and spotted a beautiful woman walking along on this beautiful morning I waved and smiled happily and she waved and smiled back. Yeah, and she was a blonde, makes me think I should wave and smile much more. Thank the Lord.

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  1. If you don't mind an unsolicited recommendation for this sort of thing, this fellow does good work. I've had him work on me twice now: