Thursday, July 7, 2016

What I am thinking, as if it matters to anyone...

   I am not voting for the two major political party nominees, just won't.  First, it doesn't really matter, second, I have had it with thinking that the people supporting either party will ever out weigh the dollars contributed by special interests. And the best reason, neither of those nominees will ever love me the way Jesus did, they just aren't that caring.

  So I am thinking the FBI has told us that Secretary Hillary Clinton is not capable enough to care for herself, nor the nation. They were kind and I understand that, my mother would have done a much better job as President than Hillary, but she wasn't much more competent in a nest of snakes than Hillary will be, Hillary thinks she might be Momma Mongoose, but I don't.  She is a wife of a serial sexual fool, the mother of a daughter, who has married and born two grandchildren for her posterity.  She has many fine qualities for her dedication to making herself wonderful and making us all think she cares about us little people. She wants to control my guns and I don't think she is capable of using that kind of power correctly, neither is the California legislature, the Governor of New York and many others that pretend they are smarter and better than I in keeping my gun violence to a level of none.  I have been doing great for years and years.  Really, be nice out there, pray that Hillary and Donald's troubles go away and the nation gets a fine President, but God probably thinks we could do better as His followers than we could as the President's Men.

   Now remember that what I wrote here won't change a thing about who Hillary is, what she has done, nor is likely to change the way she is..  She is a woman, older, no longer sexy, and losing control and fearing her failure, her enemies, and people seeing her in her weakness. I understand much of that, love her anyway, but don't elect her into that steaming swamp of cess, she would not become saintly there, haven't seen anyone become a saint there.


  1. Met her once. Her intense charisma was terrifying. She promised us farmers her vote in Washington on a particular issue and went back and voted the opposite way the very next week....but she was oh, so believable to our faces.

  2. Well, she could be one of the snakes in Washington, DC, but I didn't have your story when I wrote the above, for sure she shouldn't be President, but as they say 'the fix is in'.