Friday, June 3, 2016

What me worry?

  I have thought about the Federal Government debt, and what the folks think they have to pay out, and then watching my own money movements I realize that cheap interest rates for banks convert immediately to real bonds upon the masses of consumer borrowers  Go from the bank getting money made from air at two percent (doesn't matter what the rate is, no one is going to pay it back) to lending it out at three to thirteen percent to little guys without anything except a sense that they should pay it back.  As long as everyone plays along and keeps the money in motion it will never slow down to where it could be counted and accounted for....

   I redeem some investments, pay my taxes and await the paper check. When it arrives I go to the bank and deposit it, and am told I can't use the whole amount since they haven't confirmed it as being a real number. I would bet their books made it a real number and that it was immediately put to use for loaning overnight, just to make money.  By the close of business on Monday the whole amount should be mine, again. Lesson learned have the money electronically deposited because banks don't love paper anymore.

  Money was invented by people in charge to make commerce easier and taxable. Really, go to more primitive cultures and there will be some money, but much is paid for by barter or the success of the crops and herds at harvest.  Things moved slower in the old days.  How far back was that, still happens across the world, in either the underground economy or in the cashless hard working folks that have enough to survive but no time for cable.

  I found my annual escrow letter in the mail yesterday and think about just paying the account after the Mortgage is done,,, or be subject to hundreds of offers for refinancing, reverse mortgages and other stuff.

  The primary problem with money being invented by the folks in charge, is they get greedy want more and will devalue their money by changing the metal content, or inflation.  Both work for a bit of time, but sooner or later adjustments will have to be made, the only thing our government has going for it - no one seriously wants an accounting nor a solid value upon the dollar.

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