Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day recovering from minor congestion and cough...

  So I was watching TCM in HD and enjoying them, and then I started questioning the technical aspects for weapons, tactics and truth in the world of entertainment illusions about History as we would have liked it. When you start to wonder what the Marines were armed with in the Boxer Rebellion, or should they have eliminated the anti-inversion skirt on the parachute in Bridge too Far, or why Charles Bronson rowed all the way to that port with the modern loading overheads, that weren't around in 1944, way too picky am I.

  But the story is also part of the problem, today we are honoring war dead, and looking at Hollywood heroes - internally pretending we would be that brave, cool, comical or deadly. I was never that cool, brave, comical and my deadly was all about weapons systems and effect on target. And sure enough, when I was most withdrawn from civilization I couldn't even get up enough nerve to say hello to some beauty pageant young ladies being escorted around to the deprived depraved for someone's happiness. Had lost my tongue when they made me wear a shirt to protect the ladies' innocence.

  The wars, their history, and even the men that went and served all betrayed by media exploitation. Remembering what one of my college professors told me about the television coverage of the Gulf War, they were using the sports reporting, instant replay, color analysis and little human interest stories. All we had seemed to be an Arab king and kingdom, the best the Soviet could sell to the Iraqis and the wonder about what their Republican Guard could come up with.  There are many first person views about the wars, worth more than the Historians that change why a new super weapon was used on the Japanese, like we were trying to eliminate a race... but we were just trying to find a solution to the problem of invading the Japanese homeland, we had survived invading Germany, but they had similar beliefs to the rest of Western Civilization, the Asians had population and an entirely different way at looking at their lives.

  Things that really aren't as true as Hollywood wants you to believe: everyone is a little bit evil, pain and coercion will make anyone do what you want them to do, money can always buy friends... the only truth I like is the one in one movie, which says "Only the dead have seen the end of war."


  1. So many don't seem to understand the 'true' meaning of Memorial Day... sigh

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