Saturday, June 11, 2016

Two of three isn't bad, but three of four would be better...

  So the plan was to wake early, go to the YMCA for a modest workout, then pick up another member and his pistols and take him to range 15 and see him shoot and find out about his pistols. I brought my own to shoot also and we blazed away on the targets. Okay, I don't blaze away but I did engage my target and took the pictures for proof, and I have sent him copies of him and his time on the range, email is wonderful for sharing. Then I was to get to the Library for a Homeowners Association meeting at twelve. I was there at 1204 and the doors were locked. The only way to repair my performance is to go out and mow the yard a bit, since the rains weren't that hard.  Saw a  picture of my son back in Hawaii with his family, always a good thing to see and think about. Take care out there.  You did take someone to the Library or your local range this weekend didn't you? Okay, take someone to church tomorrow.


  1. Nice shooting Earl! And one wonders why the doors were locked at the HOA meeting... Unusual, that!

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  3. Someone took me to the library actually and it was a very fine thing indeed.