Monday, June 13, 2016

Another mass shooting, and what I don't like about it...

  The police have the dead killer, his weapons and all the victims, there is no need for a court trial and the public (me and many others really want to know) what happened.

   I understand a delay in giving out the killer's name, you don't ever have to give me his name nor a photo of him - ever.   Record everything, sort through all the evidence for the victims.  But I do want to know what were the killer's weapons, it is there on the weapon, a manufacturer a caliber and a real model name of the firearm, not some scary made up word. I don't need a serial number. I would like to know how many loaded magazines the killer was carrying.  And how many empty magazines he left behind as he cut through the crowded club. This killer wasn't carrying an arsenal, he was carrying his killing load, his arsenal is probably empty back in his residence.

  I would like to know why a SWAT unit takes three hours to arrive, you could have had five fire department units pumping water into the club faster than that. Maybe we should have foamed the whole place? I don't need Congressmen telling me the cyclic rate of fire of a semi automatic rifle or pistol. I would have liked to know where the killer trained and practiced.

  For any government official, activists of any type for all the causes, to tell me or the world that one more law will do better than the basic one of making homicide an offense punishable by local legal system - is wishing that unicorns and dragons lived and humankind didn't. If the killer doesn't have a real respect for the right to life of the human they are trying to kill, maim or mutilate what can anyone do to stop them except kill them first? Change their view of the world? others? their own place and responsibility?

  For terrorism to work, you have to be in fear fed by the government, media and the terrorists. In the United States of America, we are not in terror of death squads - our government isn't usually disposing of its opponents that way, yet. Nor do we have terrorists rounding up school girls for sex slaves, but we do have some criminal enterprises and criminals sucking the innocent into the smut industry, the media seldom covers that but sleaze and stupid sex will be championed by evil people for power and profit. Back to terrorism, if we turned off the news there would be less fear - just like turning it off so there is less uncivil conversation and bad thoughts about our neighbors we don't know as well as we should.

  There are plenty of laws, enforce all of them or remove the stupid ones.

Well, as long as you aren't afraid and enjoying the season, the friends and family and are taking care of your little problems and giving the rest to the Lord, we might make it.

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