Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Morning has spoken...

  So I am up with the East Coast folks, for no good reason, but I endeavor to persevere.  So I check Facebook feed, am fed up. Then look to cable for news, and am really fed up, so much so I turn it to Korean soap operas, mute and disregard. I weigh and best measure soon, then I put my YMCA bag together, and clean up the weapons and their cleaning tools, doesn't everyone start the day by cleaning up the little procrastination piles?

  I make the coffee, doughnuts are fattening so I just make my gruel, in lesser amounts, just enough. Take it out to the back porch to sit in the field recliner (don't give them to the Army that hardly marches enough as it is). I enjoy the morning nature noises and the cool arrival of light not provided by capitalism, government goodness nor appreciated by those that think it isn't a real miracle.  Alright, I have miles to go before I sleep, but I do have another clothing challenge thought upon while I was fueling the body. how to add another knife to the mix of concealed tools. XXXL hoodies hide so much.

  I read the Bible, play with photos and print outs and will have to start buying my printer ink cartridges from Amazon.com, since my normal supplier is moving on to the newer improved stuff... sigh. Brick and mortar will fall to the internet.com if they don't watch out. 

XXXL Hoodie hides so much

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  1. Nothing wrong with enjoying God's light rising! It does GOOD things for the BP! :-)