Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mission impossible... two or three examples of things that will never be...

  My wife told me to clean the gutters today, since the heavy rain last night wasn't going out like it should have but running over the edges of the gutter - may as well have just a roof. That was easy. just allow myself enough energy and ambition to make my wife happy and I can do that mission.  I received a few emails asking me to do some things for people in far off places - today and in the future, done for today and looking into the future - I am reasonably competent and agreeable to help.

  But people much smarter, paid better and seemingly more responsible want to change my position in their world - for my protection. They are gun goofs and anti gun goofs, both extremists and it seems it is all or nothing. So their impossible mission is to limit guns or get everyone to carry responsibly. Depending on their point of view is how much Liberty the individual is to have. To me it is very simple, do not infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and expect them all to be part of the militia that will provide the security of the free State.

  Must have been better citizens back in the day of Presidents Washington, Adams, and Jefferson -- but there weren't really. It was expected that the people were good, honorable and very responsible for their own conduct. Yes, it was expected and understood - and no one thought it would be perfect and it wasn't, but they were willing to stand up and be counted when needed. Loyal to the Crown or to the cause of Liberty - they were willing to stand.

  My belief is that there are still many good people, of the kind that founded America and its principles.  Although, I do think there are people trying to change the norm and make us all very afraid.  Just like they want to gloss over the ugly truths about History, or make it into entertainment that has to have sex... on screen, like the founders would have done it on stage or in the streets? I don't think so, they did have children.

   People that have little or no idea keep talking about the AR 15 used in the Orlando atrocity, although it wasn't an AR 15, the same people act like whatever that weapon was - it was a military grade firearm.  It wasn't, although if George Armstrong Custer could have had one with five magazines per his troopers, he would have loved it. Today's military wouldn't want it, although they could have used it better than the killer did. So there are a lot of emotions being wrung out over the fears of something they do not understand. So Congress is going to debate and pass some kind of law, because it will somehow magically stop any such thing in the future... same government that disarmed all the passengers in the safety of the aircraft so that thugs could cut throats and frighten everyone into cooperating, with the hijack rules to the crew to cooperate and get the plane on the ground. Government failure to expect modern terrorists, always sure they have all the answers.  The government isn't really that smart - or it wouldn't have a 19 Trillion Debt it will never repay.

   So Americans everywhere, there is no Safe Zone, even Disney World can't provide one. They allow illusion of safety without providing it.  I expect every alligator to act and attack just like they all do as a survival method - they and Crocodiles have been around longer than current human food sources. There is no way that Disney nor Florida will be rid of the threat of attack by very simple minded big reptiles, that place is a very natual home and they walk about at night, too.

   There could be a Gun Free Zone from sea to shining sea - although America is bound by oceans not seas, seas is poetic.  Ideally, all our enemies would love it, a totally disarmed peasant population, even the ruling elite thinks no one is as sane nor as safe as they are, but they do hire protection since many have no intention of standing up to be shot nor to shoot.

  That whole gun free thing in England works well, a member of Parliament attacked by knife and killed by gun.  How does that happen?  There is surely more to that story to come.

   In the end on the Orlando atrocity, the killer (I object to calling him a shooter, cause I am one) wanted exactly what he got, his picture and name all over the internet, media and like all his selfies, he will be thinking he looks so good to all those that aspire to his brand of being the only character that counts in the movie of his life. He imagines he makes a very sexy hero, and looking at that rifle he bought - it was bought for its sex appeal (in his mind anyway). A mall ninja with exotic overtones of green and black. Just from the amount of time he spent calling 911, his wife and texting - it was all about him... kind of like the real ISIS, it is all about them and the religion is just a cover.

  There needs to be more love and respect in the world, all of us need to work on it daily. For sure don't look to Government nor PC to provide it - those don't have souls nor hearts.  Learn to shoot, learn first aid and prepare to do both -- which will always happen when least expected, just like the Boy Scouts  Be Prepared - and then help in everyway you can.

  For those that don't know most of the fear of the firearms and the harm they can, and do cause is all based on the entertainment and news media. If this country doesn't live in Cambodia under the communits - The Killing Fields is an attempt to describe how the world ignored atrocities instead of stamping the evil out.  Not the same reason, but the same ugly evil is sitting in Syria and Iraq trying to survive and spread. Why don't you understand you are the solution to evil?

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  1. Some of us do, but we are the silent majority...