Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day, I do hope you are carrying...

   I am off to church, and I am carrying.... my Bible, love in my heart and my love in my vehicle, love for those long gone before I could love them as much as they loved me, love for those just becoming wonderful in their innocence and discovery. Love for the great good folks everywhere doing likewise, carrying their best and blest forward into the world to make it better.

  oh, I might be carrying a pistol with ammunition, but I do trust in the LORD more than my self, I have fallen short before and would not like to disappoint again. But working on my humble and kind, I am not ashamed to ask for forgiveness if I do, nor to boast if it all works better than I expected, go gently into our day and use only the kindest of touches.


  1. Happy Father's Day Earl, y'all are looking good!

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