Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Who is telling the tale?

   There is a government in the United States of America, why there are still so many levels of government I am no longer sure. If cities in the nation can decide they don't have to obey laws from the Federal government aren't they in rebellion? No, the Democratic Party still needs the votes from them for political power...

  But there are forces, powerful ones, that want to attack me in my little part of the country. I am not alone, there are people in high places, at all levels of government and media that promote the idea that the government is the only way for us all to get along.  Have you looked around and found that government agent making your day lawful and wonderful? Oh, look there is a police vehicle over there, there is a Highway Patrol officier over there.  Not that they have a thing to say to me, I know they are looking for the local drug distributor, the local rapist and the local mad terrorist of all the various causes... aren't they?  Or at least the local home invader?

  No, the truth is that the forces of the government don't spend time looking over your shoulder to find you doing something that they fear. Doesn't stop them from trying to frighten you into compliance with their superior thought processes.  When I was sixteen a uniformed State Trooper stood in front of five hundred plus high school students and said they would be cracking down on underage purchasing of tobacco products.  Being a teenage boy, I went out and purchased my first two packs of cigarettes, Marlboro, of course. I am sure I have done other things based on the idea that they couldn't tell me what to do, especially if they were fools and had no idea of how much smarter I was than they.  I quit smoking eight years later, on my own and for my own reasons.  I do like to say I didn't smoke nor drink for years and years because I didn't like the taxes they levied on the products.

  So we come to the gun control debate - on my side there is no debate - the laws against murder, assault and mayhem are all the government needs. I may need a gun to defend myself against the forces of evil, wherever they come from, but for sure I will not fight for my guns when stupidity is running loose, or amok (I love that word). Anyone that thinks a law that restricts guns is a wonderful idea is stupid, and those that suffer the government to control the guns will end up like the Native Americans, killed without mercy and nor apology. And when you are defeated, stuck on a reservation with very little prospect since it is the government that will be caring for you, since you aren't really to be trusted with your own life pursuits... how successful is that program working Washington, DC?
Tamara Keel and real gun control

   Over and over recently I have heard the largest mass shooting in American History when talking about the Orlando night club attack. But it isn't, the Wounded Knee event was bigger.  No one studies History anymore, but the pro gun goofs will constantly point out that governments kill more citizens than any terrorist organization, always.  And for the same reason, to frighten you into compliance, the British Empire tried to kill enough Indians to stop independence and they couldn't.

   I am delightfully old, but so much wiser than those poor stupid people sitting there in the House, pouting because there is no gun control. I looked at Tam's target for today, all her rounds were on target she has that gun under the only meaningful control she and Indiana need.  Which is what Liberty is all about, individual responsibility and self control. Remember it isn't the law abiding citizens that are the problem with guns, never have been. If we tied the ability to keep and bear arms in the well regulated militia to the right to vote (which is not in the Constitution) the anti-gun Democrats would fold.  They need as many stupid people voting as possible, even the dead ones, and the pro-gun goofs also don't want stupid people doing stupid things around them, muzzle sweeps as well as failure to properly clear the firearm on the range and vote for stupid representatives in office.

  Me, I don't think the government will ever love me, so I will remain an observer. Good night out there, make everyone of your shots count, if they aren't where you called them, they don't count.



  1. They won't... As long as they ONLY observe, everything is fine. Start confiscating, not so much...

  2. They won't... As long as they ONLY observe, everything is fine. Start confiscating, not so much...

  3. They won't... As long as they ONLY observe, everything is fine. Start confiscating, not so much...

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