Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Break free, go to Hawaii...

  Notice the decided lack of blogging or intelligent word flow in my internet life... do I have an internet life any longer? I am watching way too many movies, foreign and old school stuff, and the best improvement in my life is something called Activ Trax at the YMCA which is building me into a fine figure of a fat old man, but I do enjoy finding muscles that one has never used to aid in the 'death by recliner' and think in a couple of months I may be prepared for bikini season, which never ever has been about me, but what I can see. There are a few really high school looking types reporting on important news items, but I can't take them seriously because they have no wisdom wrinkles - and they don't talk like they have a message.  Hmm, I might be confusing them with the children at church, but the children at church are having much more fun. Being a Holy week I have no responsibilities for Sunday school or the AWANA, so sneaking off to Hawaii sounds like a fine thing to dream about and mentally prepare for.  Now where is that badge of courage, to impel the little old man out the door and into the sky?

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy the time with the family, and fly safe! Remember, you don't have to jump out of one anymore!!! :-)