Friday, April 1, 2016

Just a short week ago on an island far, far away...

    The Air Force delivered forty-six passengers safely on Thursday night, and I was met by my son and grandchildren and the good stuff just got better from there. Friday was my son's golf game then swimming practice with the grandchildren (theirs, I never got wet that afternoon). Saturday was the swimming lessons, one on one, for the grandchildren then lunch and going to Sea Life Park. Sunday was Easter Service at Roosevelt High School with hamburgers and stuff after. Then I finally went swimming with everyone in the heated saltwater pool of the condos. What a great time, Monday morning was going out to fly a kites and ride bikes at the local park. I got my kite all the way to the end of its string, very nice wind. Then back home for a fair well lunch to say good bye as my son was dropping me off at the airport on his way back to work, his leave being over.

   I was still happy and smiling days and days after returning, so much so my wife mentioned I should go to Hawaii more often. The place is full of nice people, interesting folks and good memories built until the next time.


  1. So glad that you had such a nice time and shared it so we can all smile too.

  2. Time with family is precious! Glad you enjoyed it!!!

  3. Time with family is precious! Glad you enjoyed it!!!