Wednesday, March 16, 2016

If you are paying attention, you don't have enough to do..

  The point has come that the media is using its 1st Amendment protections to try and destroy the 2nd Amendment.  I kind of laugh about that, since the godless government wants to stomp upon the religious right and rights. But it does all seem to be coming to a convergence and the storm isn't going to be pretty and the destruction savage - because too many people will be looking for heroes and saviors and soothing elevator music. We know we are living in a fantasy world, like the folks from the Great Depression, go to the movies and have a laugh, see how wonderful life could be and should be... all smoke and mirrors.

  I listened to President Obama present his nominee for the Supreme Court, and cynical me thought that this is likely the best Republican choice that he could have made, Judge Bork being way too old. I also tried to imagine Bernie Sanders, Hillary Rodham Clinton, or Donald Trump giving the same presentation -- I couldn't see any of those rising to the level of past Presidents. 

Well, time to finish my coffee and head to the YMCA, using ActivTrax to program me into a fine figure of a fat old man. There could be potential, and I do like to record my progress - OCD is my fool characteristic, which I will address right after I conquer my procrastination.

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  1. Go enjoy the workout, politics can wait...LOL